Branded Black Publishing
    We're glad that we have sparked your interest in our little publishing company. Hopefully you will learn what we are all about here at Branded Black Publishing, and what our hopes are for the future.

    This publishing company was created in 2003 for the express purpose of publishing African-American literature. With the release of our first title "Ebony Marshal" in the year of 2004 we achieved that goal. Now we are striving to produce more quality content for the brothers, and sisters out there. We think we are off to a good start.

    The company name in itself is unique, but filled with a belief about African Americans. Branded Black simply means that it is through God that we have received this gift of blackness with all the history attached to it. Therefor we have been branded. It is also in no small part a reference to a slavery past, and our acknowledgement of that also.

    At present this is a one man operation, with various outsourcing going on to complete necessary task. Our hope for the future is to grow the company in such a way that the various task are all done in house. Another hope for the future is that we publish at least two books every year on subjects of interest to all, not just our target audience of African-Americans.

    So we hope you will support this very grassroots organization as it pulls itself up by the britches, and takes on the big boys. In this matter you can help by telling your friends about this site, and buying our products. Thanks for your support.

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