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Branded Black Publishing
Thank you for stopping by. Branded Black Publishing is devoted to the western (genre) in all of its forms. From stories about cowboys, Indians, to the misunderstood outlaw, and even to the American frontier we strive to bring you the best in western fiction.

Our novels are filled with the action/adventure of the time, so we encourage you to purchase a book and hang on for the ride. We strive to bring you the best African-American Literature on the net. 

Adios Amigos.

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Hallelujah Men
Price. .99cents

​From the beginning of time, the spiritual fabric of Earth has been teased, ripped, and pulled asunder by what man has come to call evil.Now, the world is on the verge of transition as a new age approaches, as man realizes that they no longer live under the law but under grace.However, during times like these, the Almighty, the God of the Heavens above and the earth below has chosen a select group to lead His people down the lighted path.This is but one of their stories. May their adventures lead you down your own lighted path to enlightenment.

Grandpa Tizabee & The History Gang
Price: 9.95

​“From the present to the past we wish to go, to learn all we can so that we may grow.” With these simple words, Grandpa Tizabee uses the power of his cane to whisk his daycare away on adventures steeped in history. Be it a little-known fact or history well documented their curiosity will not be denied. In this first epic adventure Grandpa Tizabee and the History Gang (this is what Grandpa Tizabee affectionately calls his daycare kids) go to find out the history behind the song, “My Country ‘Tis of Thee’”.

Gospel of the Gun

Fear, loathing, hatred-these are emotions the black outlaw Jeremiah Irons inspires in other people as a member of the Disciple Gang.
That has all changed!
Accused of stealing money, Jeremiah (Judas) Irons makes a mad dash for freedom and a new life. Along the way he finds a chance for love, friends, and a new beginning. If only the past would remain the past he might have a chance at a new life.
A crazed Lucif R. Shadows and his Disciples have picked up his trail, and are fast approaching for the day of retribution. Only a good gun and traits that marked him as a bad man can save him. Or can they?

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